Left to right: Sandra Sloan, occupational therapist; Ethel Carpenter; and Bottney Wilson, physical therapist assistant

Ethel Carpenter came to Life Care Center of Elizabethton, Tennessee, on June 12, 2019, after being hospitalized with heart conditions and an infection.


When Carpenter was admitted, she was quite weak and needed minimum to moderate assistance with all of her activities of daily living. She could walk with assistance but needed several rest breaks. Her dynamic standing balance was also poor, and she was at high risk for falls.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Carpenter to improve her strength, balance and coordination to be able to perform all of her ADLs with independence. She lives with her husband, but he cannot provide extensive physical assistance to her.


Therapists used the NuStep® and Omnicycle™ exercise machines and a variety of lower and upper-body strengthening exercises to help her achieve her goals.


“She was a joy to work with and always had a good attitude,” said Kaveri Pant, director of rehab.


When Carpenter returned home, she had achieved her goals of being able to transfer independently, walk 125 feet with a walker without a rest break, take three steps on her own and complete her self-care with modified independence.


“She was very pleased with her care and said that she would recommend Life Care rehab to all of her acquaintances,” Pant said.