Left to right: Jessica Story, physical therapist; Bottney Wilson, physical therapist assistant; Joel Morgan; and occupational therapists Jennifer Crawford and Sandra Sloan

When Joel Morgan fractured his left femur, he struggled with weakness and decreased mobility.


When Morgan came to Life Care Center of Elizabethton, Tennessee, on Aug. 23, 2019, he needed total assistance for walking and wheelchair mobility and extensive assistance for bed mobility, transfers, standing balance, bathing and dressing.


Physical and occupational therapists helped Morgan with strengthening exercises, including using the Omnicycle® and NuStep® exercise machines to work out his upper and lower body. They also trained him on balance, transfers, activities of daily living and gait.


“Once Joel was cleared in his weight-bearing status, he progressed quickly,” shared Kaveri Pant, director of rehab services.


“It’s the best therapy team in this town,” said Morgan. “I love everyone and all the nurses too. They all took good care of me.”


Morgan returned home with family support on Oct. 16. He is now independent in his bed mobility, sitting balance, grooming and dressing and at a supervision level for walking, transfers, standing balance and bathing.